Saturday, July 22, 2006

New Punkin on the Vine

Here is the latest version of the Fruity Baby Hats I have been making lately. The Tomato Hat started the whole thing, then I started making changes to the pattern and switched colours to see what I could do to come up with different friut shapes.

OK, so this one took me a bit longer than a couple of days to finish. This Punkin is a variation on the previ0us one, with a different set of decreases at the crown utilizing the pearl stitches that comprise the grooves up the side of the little melon head.

The weaving that the hat is displayed on is a beautiful Cotton Warp, Wool Weft Coverlet from arround 1840. It has a pulled thread here and there, and could use a bit of conservative re-weaving, but still in remarkable condition for being nearly 160 years old. Not bad for $5.00 us at one of the local GoodWill stores. I do love a bargain.

Next in the Fruit Hat lineup, [I think] is going to be a Bananna. Doing the engineering in my head at the moment, will move it to paper, then to the needles soon.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

An Odd Nut!

While setting up a screen house in the back yard for summer barbequeing I was picking up debris so it woulnd't be underfoot. I picked up this intact walnut shell, and having a particular likeing for walnut shells for casting, I put it directly into my pocket, not examining it any further considering I was already engaged in another project.

When I got inside the house after setting up the screenhouse I emptied out my pockets and at that time took a look at the walnut I had just found and discovered this:
The shell doesn't divide into two halves as normal (sorry to use that word,) it cleanly divides into three. The nut inside the shell had not developed or had become rotten so it was never opened by a squirril, thus leaving it intact much to my pleasure.
Not sure what I am going to do with it now, except enjoy it's individual oddness, but I am sure something will come to mind.