Saturday, September 10, 2005

Kool-Aid Rainbow Scarf

For this project, I started out with 8-ounces of three-ply bulky weight white wool yarn, made a large hank and used 7 16 ounce plastic containers in a circle and tucked an equal amount of the hank into each of the containers. I used two packets of Kool-Aid [got the instructions at] per container, mixed it in a glass measuring cup with 16 oz of water and microwaved each mixture for about 2 minutes before pouring the solution over the wool, one color, one container at a time. Let it set until the water in each of the containers was pretty much clear, all the color absorbed by the wool, then transferred it to the sink and rinsed away.

Then came the knitting, I used size 13US bamboo needles with 20 stitches and knitted the whole thing in garter stitch. The finished project kinda looks like a group of kids all puked Kool-Aid on the scarf! The colors are bright, and it goes with almost anything!


Blogger wes50 said...

This is beautiful! The effect is similar to the Koigu blends, but I assume it cost you much less (not counting time, of course).

I only wish there were a picture of the whole scarf.

Also, I am not entirely clear on how you did the Kool-Aid dyeing. Did you divide the skein into sectins by tying, then dip each section into a dye pot and rinse it before going to the next dye pot with the next section, or were several sections dipped in different colors at the same time?

I'd love to know more. This is where a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

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